InVigor Communications

 PR, IR 

​and Languages

Bespoken Public Relations (PR), Investor Relations(IR) and language services for cross-cultural business communications 

Cross-cultural communications has increasingly becoming vital in today’s world. Based on the stories you have told about yourself, the reputation you have build in the society and the influence you have made in your industry, your communication activities not only teach your core customers and other stakeholders how they should define you but also help them decide whether nor not they want to buy or associate with you.

InVigor Communications provides be spoken PR, IR and language services to our clients to help them better communicate with their core customers, internal and external stakeholders, in new markets and in cross-cultural environments.

Our team has years experience in the industry, their connection with governments, media and influencers together with knowledge and insights ensure our services are practical, balanced and can create last impacts on clients' PR image and market reputation through effective internal and external communications in short –term, medium-term and long-term.

As cross-cultural communication experts, we believe our rewards are based on the success of our clients. Therefore, we always give 100% of our experience and knowledge to ensure the success of our clients.