PR & Marketing

InVigor Communications

Specialized consulting, project management and training for cross-cultural PR and marketing

Cross-cultural communications has increasingly becoming vital in today’s world. Based on the stories you have told about yourself, the reputation you have build in the society and the influence you have made in your industry, your communication activities not only teach your core customers and other stakeholders how they should define you but also help them decide whether nor not they want to buy or associate with you.

We provide strategic consulting in cross-cultural PR, marketing and training to our clients. Our consultant team has years experience in the industry, their connection with government, media and influencers together with their knowledge and insights ensure their advices are practical, balanced and have last impacts on clients' PR image and market reputation through effective internal and external communications in short –term, medium-term and long-term.

We also manage cross-cultural PR, marketing and training projects onbehalf of our clients whenever it is needed. From press release to new product lunch, from media buying to marketing campaign, from crisis management to international VIP visits as well private retreats, meetings and conferences,  from professional communication skills in cross-cultural context  to team building, from negotiation to leadership development,  we manage the whole process across initiation, planning, execution and close, and we make sure smooth delivery of the projects within clients’ time framework and budget.

As cross-cultural communication experts, we believe our rewards are based on the success of our clients. Therefore, we always give 100% of our experience and knowledge to ensure the success of our clients.