InVigor Communications

 PR, IR 

​and Languages

Effective communications in cross-cultural environment

Public Relations   Investor Relations   

Translation & Interpretation

Public Relations

  • Designing communications campaigns
  • News and content releases
  • Arranging media interviews and speeches
  • Marketing activities, e.g. brand awareness and event management

Investor Relations

  • Coordinating shareholder meetings and press conferences
  • Releasing financial data
  • Leading financial analyst briefings
  • Publishing reports

Translation & Interpretation

  • Certificate, website and document translation
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation 
  • Whispered interpretation


Public Relations: we connect clients with their targeted markets and audiences with positive image and sophisticated message delivery through effective media relations and government relations.

Investor Relations: we help our clients to mange relations with their investors throughout the whole stage of their business, from startup to scaling up to next. 

Translation and Interpretation: we take away communication barriers for businesses and people that come from different cultural backgrounds and political systems.